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About District Governor

Lion at Heart

Born in 1964 Lion Srawan Kumar Chowdhury is the only son of Sri Brij Mohan Chowdhury a noted social worker and reputed businessman. He is a B.Com graduate from North Bengal University. Since joining his family business he has made rapid strides as a very successful entrepreneur. Presently he is the Managing Director of CITY GOLD, a brand famous throughout the country for its quality tea. The company has recently also diversified into making spices. An active member of Lions Club of Siliguri Terai he has been instrumental in the Club's rise as one of the vibrant and strong Clubs of our District. He has a knack of doing his job in a very professional manner and has always done full justice to the responsibilities given to him by the Club and District. He is a very good Badminton player and has represented the District in various I tournaments. He is an avid traveler and has so far visited 35 countries.

He is happily martied to Lion Sunita and is blessed with son Shubham and daughter Gunjan


Attended RLLI in the year 2005
Participated in ALL in Colombo2015
Attended Centennial International Convention at Chicago 2017 and 2018 les vegas
Attended four ISSAME Fourums
Certificates of Appreciation from International President
International President's Leadership Medal 2015-16
International President's Medal 2017-18
Member of fedaretion of all india tea traders association
Past secretary of siliguri tea traders association
Past Sales advisory member of Siliguri Tea Auction Committee
Past Zonal Council member of CII
Member of Marwari Yuva Manch
Member of Mahavir International
Ttustee of MARC Hospital & Uttar Bang Marwari Seva Trust
Vice Presndent of Siliguri Gaushala


(Goals and Theme)

1. 100% timely filling of Monthly Membership Report & Service Activities .

2. Encourage clubs to pay District and International dues in time.

3. Encourage clubs to get PAN, file IT Returns and open Bank Account for better financial discipline

4. Encourage clubs to register under Societies Act and file returns regularly;

5. Ensure submission of PU101 (Club Officers Report Form) in time.

(Membership & Club Extension)

1. New Lions Clubs : 15

2. Net Membership Growth : 460

3. Encourage spouses of Lions to join the organization

4. Ensure no Clubs below 20 membership

5. Women membership Growth : 150

6. New all Women Club : 4

7. Year round awards and recognition program (Running Trophy for highest membership growth (Quarterly)

(Leadership & Orientation)

1. RC, ZC and PST Schooling.

2. District Lions Leadership Institute (OLLI)

3. Encourage members to participate in RLLI, ALLI and FDI

4. District level GMT, GLT & YLLI Workshops

5. Region-wise New Members Orientation program.

(Service Project)

1. Organizing One Mega District level programme

2. Peace Poster Kits -70

3. New Vision Centers -10

4. Blood Donation Camp - at least 2 camps by each Club.

5. Eye check-up camps by Clubs - at least 1 by each Club.

6. Diabetic Care Camps -50

7. To encourage Clubs to establish their own permanent project.

8. Lions Quest - 1 TTW workshop and implementation in at least 10 schools.

9. To support Government's Social Reform Missions like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan & Going Green.

10. Support to Akshayapatra Foundation by Sponsoring Mid-day Meals.

11. Promotion of "One District One Activity".

12. Promotion of "One Multiple One Action".

13. Women Empowerment

14. Diabetic Awareness' Marathon.

(Women Empowerment)

1. Organizing one Women Symposium.

2. Inter District Mega Women Event

3. Encourage women members to take leadership positions in Clubs having both male and female members.Information Technology

(Information Technology)

1. Motivation to Clubs to start using Face book, Whatsapp and other social media sites for better dissemination of information.

2. Encourage 100% Clubs to report through Mylci

3. Steps toward paperless reporting and correspondence.

4. Motivating Clubs to have their own E-Club House.

5. Members are encouraged to post only the matter related to Lionism on Whatsapp group to avoid unnecessary nuisance.

(Fund Raising & Contributions to LCIF & OFF)

1. One District level Fund raising Project.

2. Encourage Clubs to organize at least one Fund raising Program

3. Target for DFF Collection -15 Lakhs

4. MJF -100

5. Contribution to Capital Campaign